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March 3 and 4, 2018

How OWOS and Sai Ashraya Joined Together!

The three speakers for this topic gave an overview of the One World One Sai system as a social networking platform that engages and inspires people all over the world in self-transformation. The Sai Ashraya project was showcased with a live demo of past, and future event web pages, and insight was shared with the conference attendees on how the Sai Ashraya team in Silicon Valley has been using OWOS actively for service activities since September of 2017.

A presentation of the OWOS Mobile App was showcased for the first time displaying its unique features and ease of use. A live demo was offered, highlighting how to search and participate in events.  The conference attendees were encouraged to use OWOS for all their service activities including

  • Event hosting, such as music programmes and Bhajans

  • Daily, weekly, monthly meetings and devotional programmes

  • Medicare, Educare, and Food/nutrition projects, such as school breakfast programmes, community service programs and awareness programs

  • Requesting volunteers even for activities organised by other establishments


The unique features of OWOS were also discussed which include the following:

  • The platform provides a secure environment where only verified and trusted users can create, plan and track events

  • There is complete security of each user’s identity

  • The programmes is not for any commercial gain and no paid advertising is allowed.

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