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As we have seen, there seems to be an endless amount of challenges facing society today in every corner of the world. But with each problem comes even more opportunities for youth to help the community. This was the case in 2017, as there were countless natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires testing the faith and will of people across the world. But humanity is resilient. What challenges they may have are no match for how people are all alike, and that is all are human beings. No hurricane is powerful enough; no earthquake is destructive enough; no fire is intense enough to stop any one of us from coming together and serving another. Whether it be Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the earthquake in Central Mexico, or the wildfires in California, no natural disaster can stop Swami’s unbounded and unconditional love. But how can youth help? Youth can take a page out of India’s or Greece’s books by teaming up with organisations to serve the community. Annapoorna partnered with Oracle in India, and the Greek youth collaborated with Microsoft to provide food to the children and homeless.


And, everyone can share in this joy by using technology to communicate experiences and journeys. Inspirational radio programmes  like the ones in Italy and Singapore allow youth to reach even more people, and spread the message of service, love, and peace. It allows all to come together. And this is a must do…come together as one country, as one region, as one world. Swami willing, let the youth continue to build on what they have started in 2017, and achieve even greater feats of service in 2018 and beyond.


Youth should take inspiration from all the wonderful people around the world who selflessly serve their community. Let the youth embrace technology, but also understand the purpose and love behind it so they can utilise it to benefit those who are less privileged. Let the youth come together from different parts of the globe and serve those less fortunate. For it is not a matter of ‘us serving them,’ but a matter of ‘Him serving Him.’ Once this is understood, youth can fully immerse in His love, and share it with all. Keep up the wonderful work done in 2017 brothers and sisters, and all join hands and hearts to realise this immense potential together.

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