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Huntsville, Alabama Homeless Seva

The Huntsville - Downtown Rescue Mission (DRM), a Homeless Shelter served breakfast to sixty-five people on June 12, 2018 between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM. The breakfast consisted of grits, biscuits, fruits, pastries and donuts

“God is good! He makes me feel good!!” - A resident of the DRM

“When the devotee progresses to the state beyond the limits of the body as well as of ‘I’ and ‘Mine,’ then there is no more distinction; devotee and God are the same.” - Gita Vahini 3:16

Today it was the rising sun sending its heavenly rays of hope through the window at the Downtown Rescue Mission. Bhagawan’s latest Satsangs and uplifting messages in the United States are fast-approaching His American devotees whose crests can be seen near the edge of this month’s horizon! He continues to refine the character of His children here through experiences and examinations; to ensure that the conduits of His Mission are His reflections. Sometimes, He also lifts us up when His assistance is required, as depicted in the now-completed mural of Lord Jesus and Peter at the DRM, so we can rise to higher planes of being. Oftentimes, He initiates this process by providing examples of right action displayed through the conduct of His devotees.

Sadly, life has become a struggle, particularly within the mental spheres, for millions of people living in the United States, despite the abundance that seems accessible. Only a return to the basics of what it means to be a human being will help America advance beyond this stage in its development. Suicide rates in this country are rising, even among those who seem to prosper. 

Bhagawan’s timing is impeccable, of course, and the hope for a bright future for the planet, guided by His teachings, can be found in the humble, the youth, the meek and especially in the unlikeliest of communities whose members are facing their own challenges yet are always willing to help others. Their fortitude and forbearance is an inspiration for all of us, and is even more evident in these settings in the nations beyond these shores. What a tremendous opportunity we have, to learn from one another in this interconnected, interdependent brave new world that is rapidly transitioning into Bhagawan’s Golden Age!


One can already hear His devotees here singing “We are blessed! Sai Baba is watching over us!!”

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