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Huntsville, Alabama Seva for

Low-Income Individuals

On November 21, 2018, between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM, Sai youth served 25 disabled and elderly people by carrying large boxes and several smaller bags and containers of groceries at the Manna House, an Organisation of the Huntsville Dream Centre.


During His discourse on November 10, 2018 at Khargar, Navi Mumbai, Bhagawan said that the squirrel who helped build Sri Rama’s bridge served with the thought, “I should do whatever I can”. This idea reflects a shift in attitude or a transformation of the heart, in the language of Bhagawan. He is not concerned with how much money is offered or how often it is offered, because He cannot be bribed. He is most interested in the heart of the devotee, and whether it is expanding and not contracting. Unfortunately, selfishness can creep into people’s minds when they become busy.


The Food Bank of North Alabama has made the Manna House, an outreach of the Life Church, its local food distribution centre. A powerful image of Christ is present in this facility accompanied by a message declaring that the Lord is the Bread of Life. This statement has multiple meanings. Christ says that this Bread gives Life to the world, and is freely given to those who come to Him and believe in Him. Bhagawan is the Source of both physical and spiritual nourishment. Spiritual Bread is equivalent to Light. The Manna House is a beacon of this Light for those living in the darkness of selfishness. Thus, one can see that service and the sharing of Love provides nourishment to the giver and the recipient.


Sai youth served the disabled and veterans alongside fellow University colleagues for the Thanksgiving holiday. One individual whose needs were many, explained that his family had completely run out of food and so he was very grateful to be able to make a warm meal. Local homeless shelters have had to work overtime to meet the needs of local residents, especially as winter approaches. It is sad that many continue to suffer with deprivation in a country where food is wasted and stores are overflowing with goods. Yet, there are lessons to be learned in this regard in terms of doing one’s best and also accepting the world as it is.


The most important thing one can cultivate as the world changes and as Bhagawan continues to transform it, is one’s faith in Him throughout all trials and tribulations. How strong the bhakti (devotion) of those living hand-to-mouth or even paycheck-to-paycheck, must be! The Thanksgiving holiday, as it exists now, is meant to be an expression of gratitude and is best expressed by those whose only meal came through the generous contributions of others. The Sai youth noticed this the most when a young disabled lady profusely thanked each and every person for every item of food she received. Hopefully, one day, everyone will become squirrels, grateful for every opportunity and every life-transforming moment that Bhagawan confers on all.

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