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Huntsville, Alabama Seva at Manna House

On January 17, 2019, between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM, Sai youth along with two other groups, served 25 disabled and disadvantaged persons by carrying large boxes and bags of groceries and several milk cartons at the Manna House, an Organisation of the Huntsville Dream Centre.


Amidst the cold winter rain, volunteers from the General Electric Company joined Sai youth and the dedicated flock of The Rock Evangelical Church to serve those individuals needing assistance over the upcoming five days, as the long weekend honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. approached.


Perishable commodities such as jugs of milk and fruits such as red grapes were distributed to members of the community who depend on this distribution centre for their survival. A few recipients expressed their relief by stating that they would not have to starve that night, and the volunteers felt the presence of God’s Spirit feeding the masses from His abundance. Kindness and peace pervaded the facility as the rain subsided and the multitudes visited each food station, to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as clothes, warm meals, toiletries, and desserts, along the way.


Bhagawan makes His presence known through seemingly small yet uncannily poignant encounters with individuals. A Sai youth who had recently traveled to Southeast Asia, encountered an elderly lady from Thailand seeking food assistance. After marveling at the prosperity of her homeland just a few weeks ago, it saddened him to see someone from that beautiful nation struggling to subsist in American society. Those needing aid from others feel somewhat embarrassed asking for help from strangers, and yet, they are often some of the most amicable and friendly individuals one will ever encounter. The Lord can re-open any heart in the simplest of ways and bring the varied parts of His world and its societies together. Bhagawan continues to reveal during this momentous period of radical upheaval and transformation, how all of us are interconnected and how the fate of all human beings are intertwined. His omnipresent love and blessings ensure that all of His creations are cared for in some way and can endure!

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