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Huntsville, Alabama Breakfast Seva

Served: Scrambled eggs, Buttermilk biscuits, and Oatmeal
Quantity: Two trays of eggs, two trays of biscuits, and two trays of oatmeal
Location: Huntsville - Downtown Rescue Mission (DRM), a Homeless Shelter
Number of people served: One-hundred and thirty
Time Serving: 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM

Subtle but significant changes are beginning to occur, as the climate changes, leading to the emergence of unusual weather patterns. Heavy and persistent rain blanketed the Southern portions of the United States on this day during this winter season, due to changes in the jet stream, while the Northern regions of the country faced life-threatening cold caused by the descent of a polar vortex earlier in this season. The grace of Bhagawan is the shelter, the refuge and strength during all periods of uncertainty and tumult. The youth must be prepared to face the future relying on Him alone and should acquire a heightened sensitivity for others’ needs. They can achieve this state by following His teachings and expanding their hearts thereby. What they cannot continue to do, is to depend on technology and superficial forms of communication, which can become obsolete in the blink of an eye.


Sai youth served breakfast at the Downtown Rescue Mission on the morning of February 20, 2019. By His grace, the amount of food was precisely enough to feed the hungry! Over 90 men traveled to the shelter to receive a warm meal and 40 residents of the facility were able to partake as well. The latter group are enrolled in a one-year program similar to the Street-to-Stability initiatives that continue to expand in California. They are taught values, abstinence from drugs and alcohol, and life-skills which help them gain employment in the future. 


A new mural of Jesus Christ has been completed at the shelter. It depicts the anguish He felt prior to the Crucifixion and the moment when He reached out to His Heavenly Father for guidance and support. His disciples failed to grasp the gravity of the moment and slept through the night, unaware of the forthcoming arrest of Lord Jesus that was to occur a few hours later. This image is a reminder of the youth’s role in Bhagawan’s present mission. One of their duties is to pray for the welfare of the world and work towards it, knowing that the planet is in the process of being remodeled by the awesome power of Bhagawan’s Prema Shakti. Both outer and inner nature of mankind are destined for, and on the verge of massive rearrangement and realignment. Blessed are the youth, to be alive and participating in this revolutionary movement and transformative process! May He grant them the capacity and ability to understand just how important it is that they meet the present and future challenges with full knowledge of His WILL. What is required is the determination to fulfill His wishes with open hearts, focused minds and active bodies dedicated to the life-purpose He has in store for every last one of them!

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