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Breakfast Seva in Huntsville, Alabama

Served: Assorted bagels, Raisin bread with butter, and Oatmeal

Quantity: One tray of bagels, one tray of bread, and one tray of oatmeal

Location: Huntsville - Downtown Rescue Mission (DRM), a Homeless Shelter

Number of people served: Fifty women and children

Time of Serving: 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM


Bhagawan has recently stated on multiple occasions that He will be known through the good deeds of His devotees. The process of loving and serving all of humanity begins with seeing God within. Once it is acknowledged that His love and light can spread from within to everyone, any doubts that are harbored about the projects that are undertaken in His name will vanish. The story of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, and of how, according to legend, he ventured to the Emerald Isle to rid the land of snakes, is being celebrated this weekend across the U.S. by all Americans. It is a potent metaphor of courage in the midst of the unknown. Bhagawan’s light within His devotees can help rid others of darkness, slowly but surely, as they join in the efforts to love and serve Him in all of His forms.


Beloved Anna (elder brother), Sri B.N. Narasimha Murthy shared a beautiful story during the Satsang held earlier today in Singapore which inspired Sai youth in Alabama before the start of the service project. He mentioned a recent incident in which he spoke about his Father to an immigration officer in India, who was puzzled to hear an elderly gentleman referring to his Father in the same way a young man would! Of course, this is representative of the loving bond between Murthy-ji and Bhagawan. Through these service activities, Bhagawan continues to provide opportunities for the Sai youth to fully surrender to Him and to leave the outcome of what is done in His hands. Like Murthy-ji, they too can hand over the power-of-attorney to their Lord and let Him take charge of all operations!


Bhagawan has also indicated that future guidance will be from within, in the language of silence. Gestures of love and peace such as Buddha holding a lotus or Saint Patrick holding a shamrock convey unspoken depths of meaning. When groups of people serving others, allow Him to coordinate and integrate each of their duties, everything seems to flow smoothly and effortlessly; which was the experience felt during this project. There is a place for each individual in His grand scheme. Everyone’s role is unique, as Bhagawan has stated. Every person and moment has been meticulously designed by Him. The Sai youth must not hesitate when they feel the inner calling to venture forward in new directions. Serving others sets an example of how the senses can be controlled and it is one way to illumine the world. The Sai youth can become silent witnesses of the spreading and sharing of His love as it continues to permeate every corner of this wonderful planet!

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