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Seva in Huntsville, Alabama

May 23, 2019

Served: Carried boxes and bags of groceries for disabled and disadvantaged persons
Quantity: Twenty-five large boxes, plus several milk jugs
Location: Manna House, an Organisation of the Huntsville Dream Centre
Number of people served: Twenty-five
Time Serving: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Bhagawan is with the youth whenever they participate in Seva. This day was no different. He selects the time and place because He knows where the needs are! During this activity, Sai youth realised that the volume of community members requiring assistance was greater than usual. Bhagawan saw to it that His children, whether recipients or volunteers, were well-cared for!


In this region of the United States, the legacy of prejudice persists in subtle ways, yet it is remarkable how He cancels any feelings of differences. Volunteers work alongside one another in a spirit of cooperation. Women requesting water for their families, who are struggling to cope with the Summer heat, were not denied. Deference to and respect for those in charge, promotes humility. Seeing the joy on the faces of those individuals receiving gifts of kindness that are often beyond the items of food they received, is heartwarming! It has left an enduring impression on the minds of Sai youth.

Little miracles do remind them that nothing goes unnoticed by Bhagawan. Work is progressing rapidly in the major regional service projects. These smaller-scale efforts have been excellent preparation for the larger ones. The generosity of local restaurants, who choose to donate food that would otherwise go to waste, does not go unnoticed.


Despite changes in the location of the associated Church, a dedicated core group of volunteers along with a rapidly-changing set of secondary volunteers, has kept things flowing. In this facility, families can receive the food assistance they need without reservation or hesitation. Volunteers work together in a coordinated and efficient way. Work is valued, life is valued and even Mother Nature is valued through recycling efforts; since food distribution can generate large amounts of packaging waste. The community relies on this facility, just as the youth rely on Him, but - in both cases - with good reason!

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