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Huntsville, Alabama Seva

for Lower-Income Individuals

June 13, 2019

Served: Carried boxes and bags of groceries for disabled and disadvantaged persons
Quantity: Twenty-five large boxes, plus several milk jugs
Location: Manna House, an Organisation of the Huntsville Dream Centre
Number of people served: Twenty-five
Time Serving: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Bhagawan’s visit to the United States is fast-approaching! The excitement in the air is palpable. Last minute preparations are being made externally. What we often overlook as His devotees is the inner preparation necessary to receive Him properly and fully. But our ever-vigilant Lord does not neglect his duties as our Master, even when we do so as His pupils. The opportunities He provides for us to do Seva in His name are also opportunities for Him to mold and reshape our character. Bhagawan has stated that iron is forged in fire. Tests are His taste!


Sometimes He wants us to learn to practice patience with others, or expects us to admit to our mistakes. At other times, He teaches us that we must rely on Him and no other, or asks us to let go and let Him act through us. Throughout all that we do, He knows what is best for us and what will make us better people. He could ask us to forego the straight, smooth path and forge ahead on the road seldom taken, at any moment. He knows where society has needs and who needs His grace, be it in prisons among inmates, clinics among the ill, shelters among the homeless, small towns among the poor, on the phone with the distressed, or in homes among the mourning. Let us remain open-minded, ever-willing to do His bidding!

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