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Seva in Huntsville, Alabama

October 10, 2019

Served: Carried boxes, containers, and bags of groceries for disabled and elderly persons

Quantity: Twenty-five large boxes, milk jugs and bags of apples

Location: Manna House, an Organisation within the Huntsville Dream Center

Number of people served: Twenty-five

Time Serving: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM


There are two inspirational sayings displayed on the walls of the Huntsville Dream Center. One refers to being in the moment; the other refers to the endless nature of time. Bhagawan has referred to both concepts in His instructions to all. In His Ceiling on Desires teaching, He urges everyone to not waste time because “time waste is life waste” and also because human birth is a precious gift from Bhagawan Himself. Thus, He is emphasising the importance of each moment and the uniqueness of each opportunity. Only the Mother Goddess who provides nourishment in the form of food, resources and wisdom to Her children, can encapsulate this profound truth so succinctly and poignantly.

She is exhorting all, as Mother Earth, to be aware and cognizant of Father Time! At the Huntsville Dream Center, people are given a chance to work towards their dreams, to learn to love their lives again, and to cherish the hope that comes from recognising His love and sharing it, as all work together towards a better world!


Similarly, Bhagawan in His paternal aspect is helping us to be mindful of how the eternal Atma manifests in the world as play, laughter and love. Seva becomes an amazing opportunity to develop friendships with those who are being served as well as between those who serve. Bhagawan is seen in all of His forms and through the sweetness and kindness of each person. The joy of being with Him and acting as Him in the world and the act of paying attention to His presence all around and within everyone is precious and priceless. Service is transforming each of the youth rapidly and deeply. The old habits continue to recede. They are replaced with the freshness of the Changeless as It reappears through the exuberance of an ever-youthful Bhagawan, Guru and Guide on this lifelong journey.

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