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Huntsville, Alabama Seva for Lower-Income Individuals

December 18, 2019

Served: Carried boxes, containers, and bags of groceries for disabled and elderly persons

Quantity: Twenty-five large boxes, milk jugs and boxes of soda

Location: Manna House, an Organisation within the Huntsville Dream Center

Number of people served: Fifteen

Time Serving: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

“So Abraham called that place

The Lord Will Provide.

And to this day it is said,

‘On the mountain of the Lord

it will be provided.’”

- Genesis 22:14

Bhagawan has advised that when one feels the urge to do something that one’s mind indicates, one ought to forego, one should pause before acting. On the other hand, if one is moved by one’s Conscience or His Spirit to do something good for someone else, one should not hesitate. He will provide countless opportunities to put this principle into practice and with time, one can recognize the signs and act accordingly. Today, Bhagawan provided one such opportunity to a Sai young adult to ‘Be Alert / Be Aware’ of His presence among His flock at the Manna House in Huntsville, Alabama.


A homeless lady suffering from Breast Cancer burst into tears and said that she could not lift the boxes of food items she was given at Manna House because she was feeling weak. She lived several miles from the distribution centre, in a tent among other homeless individuals. She needed someone to take her home which was located near a freeway flyover. Seeing her in distress, Bhagawan within prompted the Sai youth to ask her if he could transport her and her food to her homeless camp. During the drive, the wise lady asked the Sai young adult if he enjoyed volunteering at Manna House and how often he did so. She also described how she would not be able to see her family over the holidays and how her mother had passed away a few months ago. The Sai youth felt great compassion for her in her predicament. When they arrived at the camp, a homeless gentleman helped the Sai youth with the boxes. The lady gave the youth a hug and told him that she had collected the items for the sake of not only herself but also her friends. The gentleman and lady expressed their heartfelt gratitude at the Sai youth’s gesture. What began as a selfless act to help one individual, with Bhagawan’s all-seeing guidance, became an opportunity to help a small community. The lady’s generosity was admirable and taught the Sai youth that Oneness can be learnt by observing the unselfish ways in which the homeless look out for one another’s needs. In spite of her physical and emotional difficulties, this lady trekked to a remote location to care for those individuals whom she loves, even though they were not her relatives.


While leaving the camp, Bhagawan within reminded the Sai young adult that He is present in all beings. One year ago, when this same Sai youth was given a similar opportunity, his hesitation prevented him from acting in a manner befitting a Sai devotee. By the grace of Bhagawan, he was given a second chance to practice what is being preached. His heart is being transformed and his fears are fading! Bhagawan’s children are works-in-progress, but as the Golden Age dawns, the pace of transformation is accelerating. There is so much to look forward to in the near-future and His blessings are ensuring that all have parts to play in it, even indirectly!

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