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Huntsville, Alabama Seva for Lower-Income Individuals

February 12, 2020

Served: Carried boxes, containers and bags of groceries for disabled and elderly persons

Quantity: Twenty-five large boxes, plus milk jugs and boxes of soda

Location: Manna House, an Organisation within the Huntsville Dream Centre

Number of people served: Twenty-five

Time Serving: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

“Two sparrows sell for a small coin, don't they?

And yet not one of them will fall to the ground forgotten by your Father.

The very hairs of your head are all numbered.

So don't you fear -

You are of more value than a host of sparrows.” 

(Matthew 10:29-31)


Bhagawan surrounds one with good people who provide Satsang at those times in one’s life when one is open enough and mentally ready to receive it. In the company of good individuals who uplift the spirit with their presence because of their love for others, it becomes possible for one to feel the presence of Bhagawan with greater clarity. One Sevak (one who serves) mentioned that “Bhagawan cares for us whether we ask for His help or not and even, regardless of whether or not we express our gratitude to Him in any manner”. One is encouraged, of course, to convey any major requests to Him when necessary because He is one’s sole refuge; but Bhagawan is most pleased when one makes pleas on behalf of others because He wants one’s heart to continuously expand. His magnanimity is unconditional and demands nothing in return; one’s Seva must eventually have the same richness throughout it. Seva gives one an opportunity, in one’s own small way, to demonstrate one’s love for Him in a tangible manner, especially when one sees Him in those whom one serves and when one is receptive to being an instrument for His love to flow out to others.


Another Sevak encouraged the Sai youth carrying groceries for the elderly. When a Sevak asked the Sai youth if he needed help, this other Sevak exclaimed, “He is a soldier!” This proclamation indicated that Bhagawan was there to provide the youth with the strength necessary to complete the task. Yet another Sevak was wearing a shirt that declared that she was a member of God’s Army. Bhagawan in fact used these very words in 2015 when meeting with this youth and others during a volunteers-only interview in Encinitas, CA, after a Satsang. Once again, Bhagawan was there to remind the youth five years later that He is always with him; in fact, this is a translation of the word ‘Emmanuel’ used to describe Jesus Christ when He walked on Earth. Bhagawan’s mission continues and each one plays a customised role in it, such as helping to feed the 1,000,000. As one works towards this goal; all of His work is being done, by Him, through Him, in Him, and for Him!


After all, He alone Is! His love reigns supreme!! Everyone is willing and increasingly able to sacrifice their all for Him, including their petty desires and attachments. The youth continue to grow in Him and His love, thanks to His grace. He continues to provide opportunities and this year will be no different for the Sai youth of America. The Clarksdale clinic is fully operational and Sai youth have been instrumental in maintaining it. The youth are coalescing from all across the land and congregating in the upcoming months. Preparations for musical performances in America and Muddenahalli by the Baba Band have resumed and Sai youth are leading that effort as well. Glorious and wondrous experiences with Swami are being retold and revived at Satsangs and guidance from elders and elder Young Adult brothers namely, Sumeet Tappoo continue to invigorate the youth. The miraculous renewal that this planet will undergo during the Prema Sai Rama Rajya is unfathomable and indescribable, and yet so much more palpable, as it begins to emerge along the horizon of all hearts!

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