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Personal Transformation Experience

Serving the Elderly with Alzheimer’s Dementia

Sarva dharma symbol at the entrance of St. Ana Home for elderly people; Zagreb – the city of positive values

Inspired by Swami’s teachings on the extreme importance to serve the needy, I have joined the group Heart of Love in volunteering at the Home for elderly people St. Ana, Zagreb.


In addition to the service itself, there was also a strong desire of mine to open my heart and embrace in love all the beings and all of creation. 


I was guided and instructed by one of my Sai brothers, in the first couple of visits, to get to know the institution, its residents, and in general to get acquainted on how the service works and what is expected from me. 

The first two times I was a bit inhibited and was not quite sure what to do, but then I surrendered all my actions to Swami’s guidance. Immediately after, and with each visit to follow, I’ve been experiencing more and more acceptance. I became more relaxed and happy when interacting with the residents. With every visit, I am noticing more and more of direct benefits and a great impact of this particular engagement.


I am now fully aware of the true value of these visits to the elderly ladies with Alzheimer’s dementia – how important are those conversations, the long walks we take, and the hugs and kisses spiced with their smiles when I am about to leave them.  It brings into my life a sense of feeling on how the service activities are very important and beneficial, not only for them and for me, but for all of society.


Following up on this engagement, came the desire to serve even more, which is already realised in the form of serving the abandoned children in another institution! Thank You Swami!


The more I serve, the desire to serve is getting stronger. After so many years, I am finally experiencing Swami’s words being put in practice and witnessing my work becoming HIS work!

Despina Kyvernitou
Dino Sarajlic
Region 3

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