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            Next week, during the festival of Maha Shivaratri, invited by Swami, 90 Argentines and 9 Brazilians will be in Muddenahalli singing to the Divinity. We want to be part of this movement of Love and Peace, by participating in the upcoming, sacred Maha Shivaratri Festival. And we will all be present, either physically or with our hearts, to render our humble homage to His Glory, and continue to offer ourselves as servants for His work. It is our desire that His love be manifested among us, and we may reveal our brotherhood.

In readiness for this trip, we wish to share with you a letter written by Sara Fuks about a pilgrimage several Argentinians took in 2011, shortly after Swami left the body, to Muddenahalli, describing it as “Paradise on Earth.”

Sara, 84, with her wisdom and youth, through her words, allowed us to fly to Swami's encounter, when there were still very few who knew about the manifestation in His subtle form. Isabella, at the time of the visit to Muddenahalli, was a baby of few months of age. The stories of the Lord are written in very special ways. Many times, the passage of time allows us to see how the stories are linked and give a new meaning to what we have lived. Five years later, during Swami's visit to Argentina on October 2016, Sara and Isabella offered to Swami, a heart filled with the offerings and requests for transformation from the devotees of Argentina.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:








These are the names of the five hills where the river Chitravati River originates near Chikballapur, the place where saints and renunciants used to go to pray, meditate and do penance thousands of years ago. And although the villagers feared to be around these places because of the strange sounds that came from it, which they considered evil, the first school was opened there in 1973. By hearing the sacred Om, the villagers realised that the strange sounds that filled up the place were nothing else but the Om. This is why it is given the name of Muddenahalli; according to what was explained to me later on, “muddana” means Ananda, and “halli” means villa, that in the Paly language would mean Villa of Ananda (a paradise place).

So, our beloved Lord that knows everything chose this place to make this mega enterprise. In the year 1978 he starts it (there is a photo of His residence where He signs the documents that say so).

And so, magic starts. There were 8 of us, sisters and brothers, and a baby, transported to Heaven, and blessed by the angelical presence of those people who explained, came with us, guided us, guarded us, and asked us to come back the next year; who saw Swami reflected in us, and who were filled with joy by sharing and showing us their place.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, they are Angels called to Earth to accompany Swami in developing His Divine Plan. And angels are also all those thousand students who are blessed to be living there. We were welcomed and lectured by Dr. Babu, and pampered with an exquisite coffee. At the reception lounge, there are two big pictures honouring the place, one of the engineer in charge of the plan, and another one of the first president, founder of the schools, Sri Madiyal Narayana Bhat, to whom Swami left instructions to build a marble statue with His image. And the construction started, directed by Dr. Babu.

The place is 130 acres. One thousand students live there. They have clothing, medicine, food, school items, study materials, and everything they need for their development, free of charge. The area is surrounded by 150 villages, and the school organisation is in charge of wedding parties, giving saris and a piece of jewellery away, as wedding presents. The organisation also provides food, health care, medicine, operations, and when needed, the patient is also taken to a Super hospital, with many different specialties.







They also count on a mobile hospital, which, once a month, goes around the different villages, seeing and helping more than three thousand people monthly in this way.  There is a dental clinic, a library, an auditorium to sing Bhajans and Vedic chants, a place to do yoga and sports, to dance, etc. - and all this is for the surrounding villages. They also have 54 cows that provide them with milk daily.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Swami’s omnipotence is such that I’m overwhelmed by just the thought that He is not only the Lord, creator of this work, these children, and every single item my eyes are laid on, but also, He is simultaneously the teacher of millions of devotees that populate the world, many of who haven’t met Him in person. And I also realise how different our lives would have been without His divine presence.

And so we arrive at the first house of our Beloved Lord. At the side of His first house, before His door, we are in the path which He walked along, covered in petals, and we are in the small balcony, where He placed His divine feet 18 times to offer His divine Darshan, and we step on these floor tiles with devotion, feeling that we touch Swami in a silent and deeply moving Padnamaskar. We are invited to meditate some minutes in the holy Mandir in this house. Full of emotion we go around whirly paths, carefully designed within the hills, where we could only hear the wind and the singing of the birds.

Then, we get to the second house designed for Swami.  In the year 2009, He offered a divine lecture, where, in this place, the relation between Swami and the students would be direct, “Just Him and the students.” We are invited to go in and meditate in this holy Mandir, in this house. He visited here 11 times, spoke with the students and gave His holy Darshan. Now, this is a Darshan that we receive with our hearts, since that is the impact of His Divine Presence in us.

We went out and up the path slowly, surrounded by flowers and incredible green plants. At the sides, there were big buildings, which belonged to student centres adapted to their ages and education levels, each of them with classrooms and, on the second floor, bedrooms. We went by the University, created in 2009, and past an area where the students, already graduated, spend their days on constructing apartments for teachers and permanent stuff, offering their capacity, ability and money to this job, as a way of thanking them for the tuition time they received there.

Mr. Kasturi, our guide, explains to us that 45 teachers are “brahmacharis” (they have made vows of chastity and submission regarding service, without any payment). They live there permanently and are not married. Another 40 teachers live outside, with their families. Teacher’s Day is on September 5 and teachers get presents.

We then head to the last house dedicated to Swami in 2009. We go up the hill, a bit higher this time, and a story of miracles starts. In fact, all the way is full of anecdotes and miracles, but these turn more and more intense as we go up. Our lovely guide tells us that in the building of this house, named “Sathya Sai Anandam”, by following Swami’s instructions, even the smallest details, there was no need to dynamite the rocks around (the house is at the top of a hill), its design is such that it becomes one with the surroundings and 30,000 bags of cement had to be used. We went around the house, which is circular, walking slowly and silently, just listening to the sound of the wind that keeps playing with us.

And we stop talking, letting our hearts speak, which pound, deeply moved, knowing that we are at the threshold of another dimension, no matter its name, maybe paradise, maybe heaven; names are senseless. And then the door of the Mandir opens, and we go inside, we meditate and we offer our hearts to our Lord, who has brought us there, in a gesture of profound love toward us, He, who let us see an inkling of His Greatness. The stories of His miracles there are endless. During the building of His last house, He had benches put at the side of the road because, “the hill was too steep, so this way elderly people would be able to regain energy.”


Five days before Guru Purnima, Mr. Sir Narasimha Murthi had a dream where Swami appeared, gave him instructions and said: “This is not a dream, this is not Darshan, this is a way through which I give you revelations,” and in  35 minutes of  conversation, He gave Mr. Murthi precise instructions, from the colour of the room where He would live to the name and surname of the other two students designated by Him to bring Him food daily, clean the apartment, change the sheets and provide clean clothes. Later, these young men found the clothes and the bed used, the food partly eaten and the bathroom wet.

Our Beloved Swami gave precise instructions to prepare idlis for the students and provide them with new clothes for Guru Purnima. Four days before the celebration it was humanly impossible to prepare clothing and idlis for more than 1000 students. “I’ll do it,” said the Lord of the Lords. Then, from a factory in Bangalore someone called, announcing the coming of the idlis. Think dear brothers, that for 1000 children, we need at least 3 idlis each, that’s to say 3000 plus each corresponding sauce. Idli is medium-size ball, made with a kind of semolina that is normally served for breakfast.  Later, He went on, “I’ll do it,” said the Lord of our hearts, and a man called to offer clothing for the children.

And He really keeps doing it. In times of need He becomes the mother or the father, like when He carried in His arms a walking disabled boy to the toilet.  Or when there was an electric power cut and the teacher went out to bring candles and the children felt afraid, He told them not to be frightened, that He would be there until their teacher came back.

The children and adults here do not feel that Swami has gone. They know that His Divine Presence is more active and dynamic than ever, and they feel accompanied by Him permanently.

In another “revelation” dream He told Mr. Murthi about His desire to build another student campus, equal to this one in the estate of Karnataka, in an area of 50 acres that He chose for this new centre, and for which the job has already started. This place is 700 km from Muddenahalli, but for Swami there are no distances. His Sankalpa (Will) is so powerful that there is no space between His Divine Will and a concrete action.

At the auditorium, with room for a thousand kids, where films are shown once a week, there is a picture of Swami sitting in an armchair, which is Swami´s gift. In this picture, beloved Brothers and Sisters, Swami’s body turns right or left, depending on the spot where we are. Dear Brothers and Sisters…. all the body spins in the picture, His feet, His head, His eyes. There is a special gloom on His forehead, as if it were a light; suddenly it seems to be Vibhuti, and also a golden Lingam.


If I ever dreamt of eating the same food as Swami does…, it happened there. We were blessed with the same food that is served to our Beloved Swami.

It was not spicy food any longer …. We were not Rachel, Alicia, Mirta, Beatriz, Carina, Santiago, Sara, Carmen or Isabella any longer…we were merely linked, bounded souls that in a kind of Divine ecstasy we could only look at each other in the eye and sigh.

And we left without leaving, keeping deeply in our hearts the loving words stated by Mr. Kasturi: “Come back” … and a message from Swami “Meditate 15 or 20 minutes daily. My Darshan is meditation.”   And maybe this way He might appear again.

With profound devotion, I hand in this seva to the Beloved Lotus Feet of Swami’s.

Sara Fuks

December 19, 2011

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