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Small Actions, Big Smiles

When a child arrives in the hospital to receive treatment, doctors do their best to improve the health of the children in so that they can return to their homes. Therefore, sometimes doctors have to work harder because there are many children and sometimes they are able to take a break because in the hospital there are few children. The ideal situation would be to find the hospital empty and that every child would be with their loved ones, but the youth will be always present to give love and fulfil the basic needs of those who are there.

In September mothers who have given birth recently received nappies and covers for the new-born children, small kids got baby clothes, toys and cleaning supplies and the bigger ones received clothes, books, pencil cases and teddy bears. The youth spend their time with them by reading books, playing with balloons, painting and singing, everything to make the children and their relatives happy. When the relatives see that their kids are smiling, they feel more relaxed and comfortable to overcome the situation.

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