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Red Nose for the Argentine Youth

In November the activity in “Rivadavia Hospital” continued as usual. Every Saturday the Argentine youth spend time with the children of the hospital by reading books, colouring and playing games. Plus, they distribute clothes, toys, nappies, sweets and special gifts. They try to meet the basic needs of the children and to give them an extra gift in order to make them happier. For such purpose, the youth contacted the nurses who work at the hospital and they informed them the number of children, their ages and needs.

When the youth found out that there was a twelve year old boy, they gave him a t-shirt of his favourite football team. When the boy received the t-shirt, he jumped for joy because he had never had one and he was very grateful to the youth.  The most important thing for the youth is that the children receive a dose of happiness for their prompt recovery. The visits to the hospital aim at changing the day of the child who is receiving treatment when they spend a couple of hours with the youth.

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