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Be Hollow like a Flute, so that the Divinity Can Flow through You

Find the activities of Argentine youth carried out with love and joy during the month of December. Each Sunday a group of young devotees gathered to serve breakfast to the homeless. Everything started because the whole group felt a desire to help others in need and serve the society in the most selfless way, and within a week all the tasks were distributed to begin with the project. Plus, other people approached in different ways to collaborate to develop the project such as donating food or clothes. That is to say that the love and solidarity inspired other selfless hearts to unite and, as a result, to give better attention to those in need.

The morning of Sunday December 10, 2017 saw the first day of this project. The youth went around the centre of the city of Buenos Aires offering coffee, tea and orange juice to drink, and fruits, cookies, cake and the typical bread for Christmas. On that day, 25 people were served breakfast which contained a cup of coffee and juice, a banana or an orange and a loaf of cake or cookies. During December, the total number of people who received breakfast was around of 170.

Children, adults and elders were full of gratitude to see the task that the youth carried out with conviction. Moreover, they started to open their hearts to the group and told them their personal stories. The youth believe that the real source of nourishment is to listen and spend time with each person and exchange ideas. Thus, they are able to show that there are people who do good actions without expecting anything in change.

Every Sunday the demand was increasing. Not only did the youth serve breakfast but also they offered clothes for babies, children and adults, nappies and shoes. Undoubtedly, the youth distributed whatever they could share with their homeless brothers. The Argentine youth are very happy to share their time with love to serve others.

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