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Feeding the Needy

Argentina is a large country full of people eager to serve and share their love and time with those people who do not have the same opportunities. On this occasion, this article will provide information of two distant provinces, Jujuy and Buenos Aires, where the groups of youth are always ready to help their brothers through selfless service.

This year started with new vibrant Seva activities in the north of Argentina. In Jujuy, a small province in the most northern region of Argentina, a young lady devotee and her mother visited an uncovered snack area twice a week in order to help serving tea, rice pudding and some refreshments – such as toasted bread, biscuits, cookies, among other provisions – to a group of around 30 poverty-stricken children who live in an irregular settlement inside a very poor and humble neighbourhood on one of the edges of the capital city.

She also teaches English to a small group of nine-year-old girls who attend the snack area because they love English and want to learn the language. It is so cute to notice some other curious children gathering around the group in order to absorb the knowledge that is being imparted.

Despite the fact that the people who run this humble endeavour are so poor that they do not even have the means to install a roof so that the children are able to safeguard themselves from the inclement weather, God provides them everything they need in order to feed these children of God, five days a week, during the afternoon.

At the same time in Buenos Aires, the youth continued serving breakfast to the homeless every Sunday in the month of January. During the week, each member of the group gathered food, fruits, tea, coffee, juice and even clothes and trainers in order to offer a full breakfast and clothes to the people who live on the streets. As the time passed, the Seva expanded and the youth found more people eager to help to carry out this project. That is to say that there are many ways of helping in this project and everybody can be part of it in their own way. There were people who donated clothes, trainers and clean kits. Others offered themselves as cooks so that the youth could distribute not only breakfast, but lunch as well! A woman cooked the typical Argentine “empanadas”, a baked pastry turnover filled with savoury ingredients, and another woman cooked rice with vegetables.

The youth gathered at 9.00 AM every Sunday and after a short harmonisation they started to walk through the streets of the centre of the city of Buenos Aires and served a full breakfast to those in need. Breakfast was served to around 30 people every Sunday amounting to approximately 240 people during the month of January.

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