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Back to School and Happy Easter

March is a very important month in Argentina because it is the beginning of the new period of classes. The children start to get ready and most of them need school material and clothes to attend classes.  Moreover, Easter was celebrated in this month and the Argentine youth prepared some surprises so as to make these dates more special.  The youth from Buenos Aires carried out the following activities:

Narayana Seva

On Sundays, the youth met in the centre of the City of Buenos Aires, and after a short harmonisation, they started to go around the streets to serve breakfast to the homeless. Each of them brought food and hot coffee or tea to provide a full breakfast which included coffee, juice, croissants, fruits and soup. They also collected clothes, footwear and school equipment for the children who are about to start their lessons and to the adults needing warm clothes. During March 2018 they served breakfast to 120 people approximately. The most important thing about this project is that when the homeless have breakfast, they recharge their batteries and have energy during the day to carry out their activities. Besides, the youth listen to the stories of the homeless with the objective to improve the project. If they need something in particular, the youth will try to find it for the following week.

Rivadavia Hospital

On Saturdays, the youth gathered at Rivadavia Hospital to visit the children in the paediatric area. In March, the youth distributed backpacks, folders and school supplies for a fresh start. They also celebrated Easter and brought chocolate eggs for everybody. Some children were worried due to their condition, but they had fun with the youth and spent some joyful time which helps in their early recovery. During March 2018 the youth visited 10 outpatients.

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