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Rain of Abundance

In April there was rain in the forecast and the people from Argentina started to feel the seasonal change. Therefore, the homeless needed dry and warm clothes to protect themselves; so the Argentine youth collected clothes, footwear and socks to distribute. They also felt grateful because more people wanted to participate in their own way. Some people collected clothes and non-perishable food, and a lady devotee, inspired by the service of the youth, prepared lunch boxes for distribution.

Each Sunday, the youth served breakfast that included coffee, orange juice, croissants, fruits and soup. Moreover, they distributed the donations and the lunch boxes so that the homeless had a hearty meal to eat at noon. Approximately 100 people were served by the youth during April.

Due to the temperature change, there were more outpatients in the paediatric area at Rivadavia Hospital. On Saturdays, the youth carried out recreational activities and spent time with the children. They played with balloons, listened to music and coloured mandalas. The youth distributed toys, clothes, footwear and school supplies according to the age of each child. Every Saturday at the hospital, the youth check to know how many children there are and their particular needs. This is aimed at collecting what the children require.

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