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Argentine Youth Seva Activities

On the one hand, the youth activities during May 2018 were many due to the cold temperatures. They served breakfast, distributed clothes and lunch boxes each Sunday morning. The youth in Buenos Aires took advantage of the social networks to call people from the society to help the homeless have warm food and clothes. They posted pictures of the project and the items that they needed to give to the poor. Fortunately, there was a good response because many people were interested in helping. Most of them approached the youth to donate warm clothes and food to distribute. In addition to this, there was a lady who cooked 30 lunch boxes twice a month. The youth wanted to give an opportunity to those who were keen on the project but were unable to help them on Sundays.

The youth had a beautiful experience with one of the people that they helped. A young man asked why they were helping, and the youth answered that they were inspired by Sai Baba. This young man knew Sai Baba and His message. As he is a draftsman, he wanted to draw and paint an image of Sai Baba as a show of gratitude. After two weeks the youth met with this friend and he had the painting ready. They felt touched and happy because of the good impact on their new friend.

On the other hand, the youth visited Rivadavia Hospital twice a month. They spent time with the children who were in the paediatric area and gave them donations as well. They organized games, gave gifts, painted mandalas and listened to music with them. They also distributed books, school supplies and clothes according to the age of each child.

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