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Argentine Seva

June was the coldest month in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but the youth group was ready to serve those in need. On the one hand, the youth served breakfast each Sunday morning to the homeless and they distributed a great number of new gloves, hats and scarves that they had received as donations to protect the homeless from the cold. They gathered in the centre of Buenos Aires City and served breakfast to approximately 100 people.

Added to this, a lady devotee cooked with love, the typical Argentine empanadas which are a baked pastry turnover filled with a variety of savoury ingredients. She prepares 30 lunch boxes twice a month, amounting to 60 per month. Thanks to her contribution, the youth served not only breakfast but also lunch to those with an empty stomach. They also distributed coffee, juice, soup, croissants, fruits and cakes.

On the other hand, the cold also affected the health of the youngest ones. The youth distributed donations and spent their time with the children of Rivadavia Hosptal sharing a happy and joyful time with them. They gave nappies, warm baby clothes, toys, balls, colouring books and sweet candies. During June, eleven babies received the love and affection of the Argentine youth.

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