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Youth on the Streets

In July, the youth group met every Sunday to serve breakfast to those who live on the streets of Buenos Aires City. After a short harmonization, they started walking and distributing breakfast, food and clothes to the homeless. Due to the fact that they had been doing this for a long time, they got to know some people and their stories. Once, a little girl and her father, who the youth had met some months ago, saw the group doing the harmonization. As a result, the little girl named them the “prayer group”. Her father told the youth that every Sunday she felt very happy because she would see the “prayer group”.

As the youth group already knew the needs of the people, they tried to find special items for them such as sneakers, trousers or jackets. They made sure that the following Sunday they distributed what the homeless needed - they bought socks, scarfs and hats because of the low temperatures.

In addition to this, they served coffee, tea, juice, cookies, cake and croissants. Not only did they serve breakfast but they were able to serve lunch also, thanks to a lady devotee who prepared 30 lunch boxes to be distributed twice a month. They served breakfast to 40 people per week, amounting to 160 people in July.

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