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Argentine Seva

In September, Argentina was blessed by the Divine Visit of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in His Subtle Form. Swami visited Buenos Aires to inaugurate the Ashram for Latin America, which is located in the outskirts of the capital city. As a result, the youth were engaged in different activities to have the Ashram ready. The youth and the elders worked in unison to make the necessary arrangements for Swami. In this way, the hand, head and heart energy gave rise to the inauguration of the magnificent multi--religious Centre for Human Development.

During the Divine Visit, Swami sent Sumeet Tappoo, who is the Global Youth Coordinator, to guide and unite the young devotees of all Argentina. Sumeet inspired the youth to work together as one, so as to increase the Breakfast Seva that they were carrying out. The youth felt very motivated and eager to start working in unity and not as different particles.

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Then, Swami talked to the youth of all Latin America and He gave them the great task to distribute 100,000 meals in one year, as from 23 November 23, 2018 up to 22 November 22, 2019. That is to say, that each country has to must develop an action plan to undertake accomplish its part in such an important task. This is a golden opportunity to stay in touch with different brothers and sisters of all Latin America that who want to make a difference in their society. With this initiative, Swami sowed the seed of “Love all, Serve all” in the hearts of the youth, and it will grow in the form of action in different parts of Latin America.

The youth started to work, inspired by the message of Sumeet Tappoo and Swami. They distributed meals together with the breakfast to the homeless in the centre of the city. In addition,n to this they organised meetings to find out how to improve and increase the Breakfast Seva in order to achieve the aim of 100,000 meals.

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