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Serving with Love

As usual, every Sunday during the month of October, the young of Argentina served breakfast and lunch to their homeless brothers.

The breakfast consisted of coffee, tea, juice, fruits and cookies. The lunch included delicious vegetarian dishes prepared by a devotee and also by young people and adults in the Ashram de Escobar.

Some clothing such as t-shirts, pants, sneakers, divers and stockings were also distributed.

30 people were served during each week adding up to 100 people per month.

We shared life talks and exchanged enriching experiences with them, observing the manifestation of Sai in all of them.

Young people at a national level are also preparing with great enthusiasm, for the next several days of Narayana Seva to serve up to 100,000 lunches for 2019. It will be an offering from all of Latin America for the next birthday of our beloved Avatar; at His own request!

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