A New Opportunity to Serve

November is a special month in the lives of the Sai family because Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s birthday is celebrated; so the devotees take this holy event as a new opportunity to serve their brothers in need. Swami has commanded that all the youth of Latin America should distribute one lakh (one hundred thousand) meals. As a result, all of Argentina united to carry out this magnificent task and the youth spent Swami’s Birthday serving 397 meals.

Argentina is a big country with different landscapes and climates. The youth worked jointly from different parts of Argentina to deliver delicious meals. The youth from Salta, a mountainous city in the north of Argentina, delivered 100 meals. A young family from Iguazú with their children distributed 52 meals to the poor. Iguazú, Misiones is a city located in the North East of Argentina, known for its marvellous waterfalls. In Cordoba, a city located in the centre of Argentina, the youth distributed 85 meals. Whereas in Escobar, Buenos Aires, the youth distributed 160 meals in three different dining rooms for children.  The whole distribution lead to 397 people being served. Even though the youth live in different points of the country, they worked together to fulfil the task assigned by Swami.

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