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Celebrating Christmas

December is a very special month since Christmas and the New Year are celebrated.

Young people, in addition to distributing food to their most needy brothers, put on a campaign to gather new / used toys in good condition, to distribute to the children in the picnic areas. They shared moments filled with games and a lot of joy when celebrating this festivity.


The young people of Argentina continued working together and with much love to reach their goal in November.

In Buenos Aires, Escobar distributed 245 meals in three different dining rooms for children. A new service group was inaugurated in the city of Buenos Aires on Thursdays, made up of six young people. They distributed 30 meals. In La Plata, 226 vegetarian sandwiches were distributed.


In Salta, the youth distributed 695 meals. In Córdoba, the young people distributed 538 vegetarian burgers. In San Juan, 150 meals were distributed and in Misiones, Iguazú, 324 meals were distributed.

The young people want to thank all the brothers from different parts of the country, for their love, dedication and help!

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