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The Beginning of a New Year

The youths from Argentina keep working to achieve the goal that their beloved Master has given them during His divine visit in 2018. They serve meals to the needy in different parts of the country. During January, they served 1474 meals!


The group from Buenos Aires gathers every Thursday, in the evening, to cook and then to distribute the meals to the homeless in the City of Buenos Aires. The menu includes delicious rice with vegetable. During this month they served 463 meals. Furthermore, in Escobar City, they cook different dishes for the children at two dining rooms. They also spend time with the children. In January, the youth served 431 meals for the children and their families.

Another youth group in La Plata, a city located 90 km from Buenos Aires City, gathers every Friday evening to prepare homemade vegetarian sandwiches. Then, they distribute the sandwiches together with a fruit for dessert to the homeless and a group of children at a dining room. In January, they served 210 vegetarian sandwiches.


In Salta, the youths gathered once a week and distributed 138 meals for the homeless.

A young family in San Juan serves meals to the homeless once a week. In January, they served 72 meals.

A young family in Iguazú gathers with other friends and prepares food for the needy. Every Sunday, they distribute around 35 to 60 meals, which amounted to 160 meals during January.


Finally, a group of three youths and six adults carries out Seva activities in a nursing home called Arrayanes in Cordoba Province. The aim is to give joy to the elders of the nursing home on Sundays. They carry out activities to entertain them and develop the cognitive and physical abilities. The youths are the musicians of the group and they share songs and their lyrics so that the elders can sing with them. The elders started to take heart and sing or play instruments such as the guitar or drum. They also added dance activities to the visits. The group tries to bring happiness to the heart of the elders and in turn, the elders give love, trust and gratitude!

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