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Hands that Help

During February, the youth from different parts of Argentina worked in their corresponding provinces to serve food to the needy. At the same time, they carried out different types of activities with children. The youth from Buenos Aires, La Plata, Iguazú and Salta served 1,418 meals.

The youth from Buenos Aires gathered to cook every Thursday and Sunday. On the one hand, they cooked and served meals to the homeless on Thursdays. They distributed 518 meals. On the other hand, they gathered in the Ashram in Escobar to cook lunch for children on Saturdays, at two dining rooms. In February, one of those dining rooms celebrated its second anniversary and had a small party. The coordinator of the dining room invited the youth group to have a delicious lunch and desserts. So, the youth prepared candy-shaped bags full of candies as gifts for the children and spent time playing games with them. During this month, the youth served 363 meals to the children and their families who eat at these dining rooms.

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The youth from La Plata City gathered every Friday to prepare vegetarian sandwiches with home-made bread. The most beautiful thing to highlight about this group is the devotion, because while they are cooking, they play the guitar and sing Bhajans! They distributed 284 sandwiches and fruit as dessert.

In the north of Argentina, the youth from Salta started to serve lunch again on Saturdays. They gathered to cook in the house of a young devotee and served 48 lunches.

Finally, a young family and some friends from Iguazú gathered to cook and distribute meals on Sundays to families in a poor area. They cooked rice with beans and distributed fruits as dessert. They went out to serve lunch with their children so that the youngest ones of the family are able to participate in the Seva. They served 205 meals.

The brothers and sisters from the cities of Villa Carlos Paz, Alta Gracia, Cordoba together with the youth from Carlos Paz visited the nursing home “Los Arrayanes”. This visit was on February 24, 2019. They celebrated “carnival” with costumes, whistles and instruments. They indeed had fun! Thus, enjoying the divine mandate to honour the elders with great love and in Sai service.

Even though there are a few volunteers in each province, when they work in unison they are a great Sai family and they can achieve huge goals!

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