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Argentine Youth Seva Activities

During March, the youth from different parts of Argentina continued the task that Swami gave them and served 1,938 meals for the needy. The provinces that work every month are Buenos Aires (youth groups from La Plata, Moreno, Escobar and Buenos Aires City), Salta, Misiones and Córdoba. Moreover, the different groups organised different activities with children to share love and joy!


Due to the long distances between different cities of Buenos Aires, there are different Seva groups so that more youth are able to get involved and serve more needy people in their own area. The first group is located in Buenos Aires City. They gather every Thursday in the afternoon to cook rice with vegetables and then distribute the food to the homeless in the centre of the city. In March, they served 375 meals. In La Plata, the youth group gathers every Friday and makes vegetarian sandwiches with soy and gluten and home-made bread. Then, they distribute the sandwiches with fruits as dessert, to the homeless and to children in a dining room. In Escobar, the youth gather every Saturday in the Ashram where they cook for children and their families who are served in two dining rooms. Then, they organise some games to spend fun time with the children. They served 473 meals during March. In Moreno, a young family cooks home-made pizzas every Sunday which they distribute to people who live in a poor area. This month, they served 138 people.


The youth from Córdoba gather on Thursdays in a poor neighbourhood where they cook for the people who live there. They served 120 meals. In addition to this, the youth group, together with some adults, visit a nursing home called “Los Arrayanes” once a month. During each visit, they carry out different types of activities to spend time with the elders. This time, the group prepared different games with prizes; so, they built several games in their homes to play on visiting day.

They placed the games in a hall and formed groups with the elders to start playing. All the games produced the miracle of making the elders “feel like children to have great fun” - to quote them! The youth from Salta cook rice with vegetables and serve soup to the poor in a dining room for children, mothers and elders. This month they served 402 meals.

In Misiones, a young family together with some friends gather every Sunday and cook rice and beans to distribute in needy areas. They go in trucks with their children to help distribute the meals. 

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