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Celebrating Easter

During April, Easter is celebrated and it is a special occasion to distribute chocolate eggs to children. In the different places of service in Argentina, each group of youth distributed a total number of 2,164 meals!

In the city of Buenos Aires, the youth group that meets every Thursday cooked rice with vegetables and spices. They distributed the food to the people who live on the street. Every Thursday, they distribute 82 food trays, amounting to a total of 330 meals per month.

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In Escobar, every Saturday, the young people prepare food in the Centre for Human Development for the children and their families at two dining rooms. Every Saturday, they implement a different menu. The youth distribute 126 meals each Saturday, an equivalent of 507 meals! During the Holy Week, a devotee prepared a giant chocolate egg to celebrate Easter! In addition, a lady prepared small Easter eggs for the children!

In La Plata, a group of young people meet every Friday and cook homemade vegetarian sandwiches for children in a picnic area. They also distribute banana for dessert. Each Friday, they distribute 54 meals, which is equivalent to a total of 219 full meals a month!

In Moreno, a young family cooks homemade pizzas for people in a street situation. Children in the family help cook and distribute food. Every Sunday at noon, they serve pizzas to approximately 36 people, which amounts to a total of 136 people per month!

In Iguazú, a young family with some friends, cooks rice with vegetable stew for the families of a deprived neighbourhood. Sometimes, it is very difficult to access the neighbourhood because there are no concrete streets. However, they manage to carry food every Sunday, through the mud! Each Sunday, 48 food trays are served, for a total of 146 meals.

In Salta, the group of young people cook stew of rice and vegetables in a picnic area for children and their families. Each Saturday they cook 174 plates of food, which is equivalent to a total of 697 meals!

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