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Argentine Seva Activities

The Sai youth groups in the different locations of Argentina continued serving the needy in their respective locations. Even though the youths are separated physically, they spread their love in their own cities and provide food to the homeless. During May, the youth served 1873 homeless.

In Buenos Aires, there are five different groups that distribute food to the homeless every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Wednesdays, a new group started distributing food to needy families in La Boca, a neighbourhood located in the centre of Buenos Aires City. This time they served rice and vegetables to 196 people. On Thursday, few youth served 259 meals to the homeless in the Buenos Aires city. On Friday, the group of La Plata cooked pizza made of polenta and vegan cheese for children in a dining room. They also distributed fruits as dessert and offered donations for them. On Saturday, few youth went to the Centre for Human Development in Escobar and cooked for children and their families in a dining room. They served 250 meals and spent time together. On Sunday, a young family cooked pizza and distributed 145 slices for the homeless in their neighbourhood.

In Salta, a province located in the Northern Argentina, youth cooked rice and vegetables for children in a dining room. They served 622 children and their families. In Iguazú, a city located close to the Brazilian border, a young family cooked rice and beans for the people of a poor neighbourhood. They distributed 150 meals along with fruits as dessert.

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