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Seeds of Love

The service activities by the youth group are expanding in the City of Buenos Aires, because they added Tuesday as a new day of service. In this way, they have begun serving the homeless twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In Morón, a young family began distributing food one more day in the week. In addition to Sundays, they started serving on Mondays as well. A group of young people from Escobar inaugurated a new activity to teach and raise awareness about the care of soil and plants.

During the month of July, the Argentine youth group served 2,054 people who are in a state of vulnerability in the City of Buenos Aires, Escobar, Morón, La Plata and Iguazú. In the province of Córdoba, a group of young people and adults visited a home for the elderly to spend time providing fun and recreation for them.

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In La Plata, the youth group prepared homemade polenta pizzas with cheese and vegan cheese for the children of a dining room. In addition to bringing a healthy meal, they also delivered donations of cookies and alfajores and fruit for dessert. In total they served 414 people during the month of July.


In Morón, the young family that used to serve homemade pizzas on Sundays decided to add a new day of service on Mondays. They added a new menu: a hot dish of rice with vegetables for the homeless of their neighbourhood. Each week, they serve around 54 people. As a result, they have distributed 216 meals.


In Escobar, the youth group met every Saturday at the “Amor y Paz” centre of human development to cook for the children of a dining room. In addition, a group of young people who live near the area began teaching children how to take care of soil and plants. For that, they took seeds, soil and small pots to show the children the germination process.

In the City of Buenos Aires, the youth group added a new day in the week as a service activity. This month, they distributed food on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They gathered to cook at a devotee's house and distributed food in the downtown area. They distributed rice with vegetables and legumes, juice, tea and clothes. In total, they served 583 people. In La Boca, a group of devotees served dinner to the families of the Prema Sai complementary school. A lady cooked meals and other volunteers distributed them to the families on Wednesdays. In total, they served 213 people.


In Iguazú, a young family together with some friends met on Sundays to cook for people in a poor neighbourhood. Each week, they distributed rice with black beans and bread to approximately 50 people which added up to a total of 198 people.


In Córdoba, a group of young people and adults celebrated the homeland festival on July 9, 2019 with grandparents at a Nursing Home. They were handed blue and white scarves with which they did some exercises to stimulate motor skills. They prepared traditional songs of Argentina to sing and dance among all. They participated in the activity with great enthusiasm and joy.

One of the grandparents handed out a paper flag signed by everyone on behalf of the other elders and expressed heartfelt words. The group always receives warm words from the grandparents, which awaits them with enthusiasm and joy!

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