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Children’s Day in Argentina

In August, Argentina celebrated Children’s Day. The youth group took advantage of this opportunity to celebrate the child within and came together with the boys and girls from different service points. The youth from Buenos Aires, Salta and Iguazú served 2,580 people in total.


The youth of La Plata meet every Friday and cook for children of two dining rooms and a poor neighborhood. The menu chosen is pizza, rice with vegetables or vegetarian Milanese sandwiches, along with a fruit or dessert. In addition to this, for children's day they collected donations of toys to give to the children of the picnic area. In August, they served 425 people.


A young family from Moreno cooks pizza every Sunday for homeless people on a street in their neighborhood. On Mondays, they cook rice with vegetables and go out to the neighborhood to serve the homeless. In August, they distributed 297 plates of food.

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Escobar's youth group meets every Saturday at the Human Development Centre to cook for the children of a picnic area. Throughout the month, they gathered toys and prepared special gifts to celebrate Children's Day. When the day arrived, the young people brought pizza, gifts, donations and treats for the children. The children were very happy with their new toys and enjoyed very much, the day with the youth. In August, they served 235 children and their families.


In the city of Buenos Aires, the youth group meets every Tuesday and Thursday to cook and then serve food to the homeless. They cook a plate of rice, legumes and vegetables so that people can have a complete and healthy meal. In addition to this, they distribute clothes and blankets for those who need it most. In total, they distributed 662 plates of food.


The youth from Salta meet every Saturday and cook for the children of a picnic area. The menu chosen is pizzas, soup and lentil stew. In total, they served 541 people.


In Iguazú, a young family cooks for people in a poor neighborhood every Saturday. They prepare rice with vegetables and go out to distribute. For children's day, they celebrated along with the little ones, brought food, gifts, donations and school supplies. In August, they served 328 people.

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