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Summer Seva Activities in January 2020

The youth of Argentina distributed 2,215 meals to people in situations of social vulnerability. This service is performed regularly in six different cities in Argentina: Buenos Aires City, Escobar, La Plata, Morón, Iguazú and Salta.


The youth from La Plata meet every Friday and prepare vegetarian sandwiches. They distribute the sandwiches together with a dessert in three dining rooms for children and people in a poor neighborhood. In total, they served 969 people during the month of January.


A young family that lives in Morón prepares pizzas for the homeless in their neighborhood. Every Monday they serve around 35 people. In total, they served 136 people during January.


In Escobar, the youth performed the service every 15 days during the month of January, due to the summer holiday season. They prepared pizzas and empanadas (typical food of Argentina) for children from a dining room near the Amor y Paz Centre for Human Development. They served 156 people.


In the city of Buenos Aires, the youth changed the menu, due to high temperatures. They prepared vegetarian sandwiches with a new recipe. The sandwiches used homemade bread and had baked eggplant with lettuce, tomato, carrot and mayonnaise. Each youth in the group committed to bring a prepared ingredient. Then, they all gathered together to assemble and pack the sandwiches. In total they served 305 people.


In Iguazú, a young family prepares rice with legumes for people in a poor neighborhood. Every Sunday they serve 50 people. In total, they distributed 200 meals.


The youth of Salta prepare food for children and their relatives at a dining room. Every Saturday they serve 110 people. In total they served 440 people in January.

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