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Seva Activities of the Argentine Youth

The youths of Argentina carry out Seva activities in five different cities of the country. They serve food for the needy in their own communities and surrounding areas. During February, they served 1,717 people in La Plata, Buenos Aires City, Moron, Escobar and Salta. 


La Plata is a city located 90 km away from Buenos Aires City. The youth gathered every Friday and prepared homemade vegetarian sandwiches for children and families of four dining rooms and the homeless of a poor neighbourhood. They also prepared different sweets or gave fruits for desserts. On two occasions, they cooked heart-shaped cakes with the word AMOR (LOVE in Spanish) for the children. Every Friday, they distributed around 240 vegetarian hamburgers, which is an equivalent of 952 in February.


The youth of Buenos Aires gathered every Thursday and prepared spring rice for the homeless of the city centre. Due to the hot temperatures in Argentina, the youth prepared a fresh meal for those who are in need. They served around 90 people every week, leading to 365 people in February.

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The youth of Escobar gathered twice a month in the Centre for Human Development “Peace and Love” and prepared lunch for the children and families of a nearby dining room. During February, they served 188 children. Furthermore, they distributed scholar kits for children because school was going to start again.


In Moron, a young family cooks pizzas for the homeless in their neighbourhood. They distribute  three slices of pizza per person, every Monday. During February, they served 144 people.


The youth of Salta distributed 68 meals for the needy in their city.

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