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Argentine Youths Narayana Seva Activities

During the month of March 2020, the youth of Argentina served 1,222 people in four different cities: Buenos Aires, Escobar, La Plata and Moron. In spite of the restrictions of the country due to the current situation of COVID-19, the youth looked for alternatives to help people in need. In some cities, there was a total restriction on going out, so they have to stop for a time, hoping to continue after the restrictions are lifted.


The youth of Buenos Aires distributed food to the homeless in the first two weeks of March. After that, the government imposed a strict restriction to stay at home. They served 174 people and distributed fifteen school kits for children.


The youth of La Plata gathered on Fridays to cook for the children of two dining rooms in a poor area. After the restriction, they were in touch with the people in charge of the dining rooms and they said that they needed help to feed the children. As a result, once a week, the youth decided to make a big purchase of noodles, tomato sauce, milk, rice, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. This purchase feeds around 200 children every day, for a week. The youth of La Plata distributed food for around 820 children and their families.


The youth in Escobar also made a big purchase of food for a dining room near the Peace and Love Centre for Human Development. They distributed food for around 100 children and their families.


A young family in Moron prepared pizzas for the homeless in their neighbourhood. They had to stop the Seva for a time, due to the restrictions. In March, they served 128 people.


This is a blessed time, to stay at home, to go within and see how one can develop and how one can help others; so that one can go out again with a different point of view!

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