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Argentine Youth Seva Activities

During April 2020, the restrictions to go out started to be more severe. However, the youth found a way to still serve the needy in different areas of the country. Even though in some cities they could not go out, they served 1,328 people in Escobar, La Plata and Iguazu.


The youth of Escobar started to distribute food packages which included rice, spaghetti, lentils, flour, yeast, oil and cleaning items, among others. Once a week, they delivered the packages to families of a needy neighbourhood. They served 308 people. 


The youth of La Plata prepared packages of food and also cooked vegetarian hamburgers for families in five poor neighbourhoods and people at one church. They distributed the packages once a week and sometimes they served more than 300 people. In April they served 820 people.


A young family of Iguazu gathered once a week and cooked rice with vegetables and beans for the people of a poor neighbourhood. They distributed 50 meals every week. They served 200 people in April.

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