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Argentine Youth Seva Activities

During July 2020, youth of three different parts of Argentina distributed food to 1,787people. Due to the pandemic state, Argentina is going through big restrictions and some groups had to stop the Seva activities temporarily. However, the groups which were able to continue providing food to the needy, gave a great relief of food and clean items to more people. The relief packages were distributed in three cities: Córdoba, La Plata and Iguazú.


The youth of La Plata distributed packages of food which contained: rice, noodles, tomato sauce, green peas, sugar, lentils, tea, milk, cookies, fruits and clean items. They distributed the packages every Friday to the families of four dining rooms, and to two poor neighbourhoods. They served around 1,400 people.


The youth of Cordoba distributed hot meals to the homeless around their homes. They served on the weekends and they distributed 137 meals during July 2020.



The youth of Iguazú prepared hot meals and distributed them to the people of a poor neighbourhood every Saturday. They served around 250 people.

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