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Making Souls Happy

Sai Ram brothers and sisters! The youth of Argentina would like to welcome all to the newsletter of July Seva activities. The activities for last month were the following: Narayana Seva in “Once” neighbourhood (City of Buenos Aires), Sai Asis in “Devoto” neighbourhood (City of Buenos Aires) and giving smiles at “Rivadavia Hospital” in “Recoleta” (City of Buenos Aires).


A group of young devotees meets every Friday at 9:00 p.m. in “Plaza Miserere” (a big park located in “Once” neighbourhood in the centre of Buenos Aires) to provide food and clothes to homeless people. In this case they offer lentils stew, cookies, coffee and orange juice to eat and distribute warm clothes for men, women and children. Since it is winter, Tuesday was an additional day apart from Friday because it was the coldest day of the year. Approximately 100 kits of food were distributed. Everybody can contribute with donations and help.

Another Seva group visits the elders in a care home located in Devoto (a residential neighbourhood in the City of Buenos Aires) to give love and smiles. Once a week at 4:00 p.m., they meet for the tea time with songs and instruments to spend time of happiness with them. It is really important to dedicate time to the older people to show respect.

“Rivadavia Hospital” is a hospital free of charge located in “Recoleta”, a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires where many children and babies are patients. One of the best medicines is laughter, so every Saturday, a group of young devotees visits the children wearing clown costumes to make them smile. Each of them collects clothes, nappies, toys, hygiene items and anything the children might need. This Saturday there were five babies and two children who received the care of ten medical clowns. These medical clowns try to meet the needs of the children by giving donations, gifts and balloons, playing with them, and having fun together to make their days in the hospital easier. The prescription of the clowns to help with their recovery include love injections, doses of laughter and tablets of bliss, which means that everybody can help because it is not necessary to be a graduated medical doctor to make a child's day special.

“Love all, serve all”

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