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Celebrating our Inner Child

August is an important month in Argentina because Child’s Day is celebrated. The youth got ready for this important day and collected donations of toys, clothes, candies and gifts. On August 19, 2017, fifteen medical clowns offered their help to celebrate Child’s Day together with eleven children who were in Rivadavia Hospital that day. Older children painted mandalas with human values and shared brunch with their parents and the volunteers. Babies received hygiene items and nappies and played more dynamic games. Everybody received gifts, love and smiles. Their parents were extremely grateful for the care their children received on this special day.

Regarding the service the youth carried out at the beginning of the year about the Venezuelan brothers, there is good news. A reminder, they arrived in Argentina looking for a better quality of life in order to help their families. They had to start again from the beginning and the devotees helped them to settle down. For Swami´s grace they have found a steady job and their life conditions improved. The devotees keep helping them nowadays, and they are very grateful.

Love All Serve All

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