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Argentina Seva Projects 

The Seva projects of the youth of Argentina during 2018 included Narayana Seva and visits to a public hospital.


  • In January, the youth from Buenos Aires went out to the centre of the city every Sunday to serve breakfast to the poor. They distributed 120 breakfasts to the homeless. Together with breakfast, the youth also gave them clothes. In addition to this they visited the children of Rivadavia Hospital every Saturday.

  • In February, the youth from Buenos Aires distributed 120 breakfasts and school supplies for the children who live on the streets. The youth from Jujuy, a northern province surrounded by mountains, visited a dining room and served tea with toasts to 15 children every weekend, amounting to 60 children. They also provided English lessons for the children.

  • In March, the youth from Buenos Aires served 120 breakfasts and distributed school supplies for children because of the beginning of school. They also celebrated Easter in the Hospital.

  • In April, the youth served 100 breakfasts to the homeless. In addition to this, they visited the paediatric area of the hospital and spent their time with the children.

  • In May, the youth served 60 breakfasts. They also continued visiting the hospital.

  • In June, the youth distributed 120 breakfasts and served lunch to the homeless. They also gave winter clothes for the needy.

  • In July, the youth served 160 breakfasts and soup, due to the low temperatures. They also distributed gloves, hats, scarfs and socks to the homeless.

  • In August, the youth served 140 breakfasts and distributed vegetarian lunch boxes for the homeless. They served hot soup, coffee, croissants to fill the stomachs and give energy to the homeless.

  • In September, the youth distributed 80 breakfasts and lunch boxes.

  • In October, the youth from Buenos Aires gathered in the Ashram to cook, and then they served 187 boxed lunches.

  • In November, for Swami’s Birthday, the whole of Argentina united and worked from their respective provinces to serve food to the needy. In Buenos Aires, they distributed 160 lunch boxes. In Salta, a northern province, they distributed 100 breakfasts. In Cordoba, a province located in the centre of Argentina, the youth distributed 140 meals. In Iguazú, a city located in the North East of Argentina, the youth distributed 52 meals. This is an equivalent of 452 meals.

  • In the first fortnight of December, the youth from Buenos Aires distributed 195 meals to the children in the outskirts of the city. The youth from La Plata, a city located in the Province of Buenos Aires, distributed 75 meals to the homeless. The youth from Salta distributed 80 breakfasts. The youth from Cordoba distributed 140 meals. The youth of San Juan served 12 meals. The youth from Iguazú served 52 meals. This is an equivalent of 544 meals.

  • During the whole of 2018, the youth from Argentina served 2263 people. Argentina is a big country, so the youth from different points of the country worked to serve their community. In this way, even though they are far away from each other, they worked as one to serve the whole country. They inspired other youth to help and serve others and spread the seed of Seva.

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