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Argentine Seva Activities

2019 was an excellent year for Seva activities for the youth in Argentina. The main project was feeding the homeless, so six different groups distributed food to the needy in their own cities. As a result, the youth from the Buenos Aires City, Escobar, La Plata, Morón, Iguazú and Salta served 25,772 people. In addition to this, the youth of Córdoba visited elders in a Nursing Home once a month to spend some good time with them and to give them joy.

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Even though youths from different groups live in different cities, they worked together and communicated weekly to know about the Seva activities of one another. In this way, the distance between them was shorter and they could share the experiences of their own group.


The youth of Buenos Aires city served food to the homeless twice a week. In total, they served 5,848 people during 2019. The youth of Escobar served 3,596 meals for children and their families every Saturday in the surroundings of the Centre for Human Excellence, Love and Peace. Every Friday, the youth of La Plata served 4,146 homeless people and children in two dining rooms. A young family in Morón served 1,971 homeless people twice a week. A young family in Iguazú served 2,560 people who live in a poor neighbourhood. Finally, the youth of Salta served lunch for 5,528 people in a dining room, every Saturday.


The hearts of the youth filled with joy knowing that they served the divinity within each person. Their wish for this New Year is to involve new volunteers so that they can reach more and more people!

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