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Issue 4/ January 22nd/ R4

For all of us, 2016 was a very special year, since a short time ago, Sai in His subtle body  visited Argentine, offering His blessings to all those attending the two Public Meetings,  through His word and specially with His Presence. It has been a huge Grace for our  country, for all the inhabitants of the beautiful Argentine soil, producing an indescribable joy for all His devotees and followers. 


After the visit of Sai in His subtle form, an ineffable wake of joy and hope has remained in our hearts, and also a concrete task to develop. His presence lifted our souls and helped us to contact with that deep and sublime place in which we want to place ourselves and from which we want to live. 


In the various Satsang that we have participated, the same phrase is repeated: "It is a before and after in my life".


The luminous wake still reverberates in our hearts with the deep and rapturous sound that His step left. We are still suspended in time, transported to a unique moment in our lives, where every detail of what we lived reveals new horizons, always broader and more generous, ever more expansive and ineffable.

As we recall the event, our appreciation grows. We thank Swami, who has come to this earth at this time, who has called us to His presence, and especially to continue to provide us with opportunities to serve. Glorious opportunities to advance on our path, helping us at every moment, knowing that "We are All One", in our differences, in our coincidences, in our brotherhood under the Paternity of one God, Father of all that pulsates in the Picture of His creation.

We all have the longing that this turning point we all live,  be reflected in a more loving 2017, which will result in the service and the realization of His word in our lives. That we can together, follow and realize His teachings as His devotees of Argentina.

We are entering, without any doubts, into another stage, more aware of His reality and His truth, more aware of the need to work together with the Divine, and to realize His project for the Golden Age that is approaching. It is emerging as an immense Sun that illuminates a humanity eager to receive it.

In his visit to our country, Swami invited the Argentinean devotees to sing in Mahashivaratri. Following His invitation around 90 devotees from Argentine and 10 from Brazil will be singing in the Sacred Night of Shiva. 

For this purpose, we are meeting periodically in Buenos Aires to choose the Bhajans and to practice them. One devotee travels 300 km regularly (each way) and other group 150 km to participate in the Satsang group. It is true that other devotees take part also, whether traveling or not, as this is a beautiful way to perform a spiritual practice that elevates and strengthens us.


The recordings and lyrics have been placed on our website (  so that devotees who are distant from Buenos Aires city can practice them and join the group to sing together during the Mahashivaratri Festival.

We are very happy to be called again by His love, and that so many siblings are traveling on this occasion for such an auspicious occasion as Mahashivaratri. Again, thank you Sai, for Your enormous generosity and care for each one of Your devotees.

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