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Australian Youth Meet 2017 

Australian youth held a ‘Grama Seva’ as part of Youth Meet January 2017 . Youth from Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane came together for Satsang and service inspired by the Grama Seva in Muddenahalli last November. 

140 parcels for needy families was organised. The youth arranged and packed food and sanitary items for adults. School bags, books, pens, colouring pencils, colouring books and toys for children and essential items such as soap, shampoo and toothbrushes for all were packed including some food items. 

The youth met to pack the bags and distributed them to the homes of needy families as well as to families who had arranged to meet at a hall booked to collect the items as well as to have  free health consultations. 

The health consultation was done by doctors and dentists from Health in Kind which is a Foundation set up by the youth themselves to provide health care free of charge to families and kids in need and from disadvantaged backgrounds. With Swami's guidance a health van fully equipped with dental facilities and a truck has been purchased for medical services. 

The mission of Health in Kind is to deliver Holistic Health care free of charge firstly to students, then the families and eventually the local community. Service through treating patients beyond the symptoms, which is provided directly by medical professionals and support staff through devoting time and compassion. 


Basic education and guidance in hygiene and healthcare will also be addressed in classroom style seatings. Topics to be discussed include the importance of sanitation, oral health care and even sensitive topics such as drug use, safety and sexual health. The aim is to increase the students understanding and awareness of such topics which are essential for day-to-day living through incorporating the values stated.The delivery of the services will be via registered health professionals who will volunteer their time, expertise and experience. 

Supporting medical and health related initiatives directed towards the disadvantaged section of communities in Australia especially (but not limited to) children health. Promoting educational and other charitable initiative activities among the disadvantaged section of communities.

It is intended that through this work not only will the individual, community receiving the service benefit but also professional providing the service will also benefit from developing further understanding, compassion and respect towards others and oneself.

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