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Service Projects in Melbourne

November 8, 2018, Monthly Divine Mother and Child Session:

The monthly service project was held in Melbourne with three General Practitioners and a Social Worker. The Dental Team performed examinations, cleaning and filling teeth with the newly purchased Dental Unit!


November 10, 2018, Additional Divine Mother and Child Session:

The first trial session at the Missionaries of Charity shelter was held at the inner city suburbs of Melbourne. There were 24 mothers and children and two sisters that attended. Many medical, dental screenings and consultations with the social worker were done. A childcare worker volunteered to spend time engaging the children and doing activities with them. Toys and gifts were given to the children and personal hygiene care packs were given to the mothers. The sisters were up at five am to reserve permit parking for the volunteers outside their shelter so that they could unload their equipment. It was another experience that humbled the volunteers to see the desperate need in others.


Youth in another part of Melbourne joined with adults to serve food for the local community in need.


October 10, 2018, Divine Mother and Child Session:

The monthly session for the Refugee group was held west of Melbourne. There was a launch of the Mobile Dental Project and the start of free scaling and cleaning of teeth. One mother had never had a cleaning before and another mother had her last cleaning at a refugee camp seven years ago. The session also included a Dental Health presentation and also consultations by General Practitioners and a Social Worker. It was a heart-warming experience with great team work and beautiful smiles from the children and their mothers.


In addition, some youth helped adults in providing food to the hungry in Dandenong, Victoria on Friday, October 19 and Friday, October 26, 2018.  More than 30 people were served freshly made food by volunteers on both Fridays.

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