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Service Activities in Australia


The Heart of Love team in Murwillumbah is continuing with their regular service activities. The daily breakfast program at the local secondary school is serving approximately 50 students every day who are receiving a healthy, hot breakfast before the school day commences. The weekly food hampers are also continuing with 20, very grateful families, receiving fruits, vegetables and staple foods every Thursday.

The team is also continuing to touch the lives of the homeless. 300 packs have been delivered to local members of the community and residents in the local shelter. The medical professionals recently had a health awareness day where they teamed up with a local pharmacy to provide free flu vaccinations to the community.


The ‘parent youths’ decided to get their children involved in Seva activities and a visit to a local Aged Care Home was organised this month. The children and the elders had fun interacting with each other. The older children performed some music items which the elders thoroughly enjoyed! The parents really understood that it is all just about giving love, Swami’s love, to everybody. This is Seva for transformation.

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