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Free Medical and Dental Service

Chillingham and New South Wales

The youth team from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Murwillumbah had a Mums and Bubs Health and Wellness Day in Chillingham, New South Wales on Sunday, December 10, 2017.  There was a dentist, nurse, doctor and a Natural Medicine (Vibronics) practitioner and seven volunteers present for the health checks.  Chillingham is a small village approximately 14 km northwest of Murwillumbah in the Tweed Valley, New South Wales, Australia


There are many families who are in need of healthcare in the area. Families including dads, mums and children had their teeth checked as well as had health consultations with the doctors and Natural Health practitioner. The community was very thankful and many dads came and thanked the team for providing the service in the area

Doctor  And Nurse Consultation in Chillingham

Dental check at Chillingham

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