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Indigenous Lunch and Australian Culture and Tradition Day

On Saturday, October 26, 2018, Heart of Love Ashram hosted a lunch for indigenous Elders and their families and postgraduate students from diverse countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Philippines, Nepal and South Korea studying at a college in Brisbane. After having lunch and dessert and a brief tour of the land, the aboriginal elders talked to the group of students about Australian history and culture. A graduate aborigine talked to the group about experiences of growing up in Australia. 


Ashram Head, Aunty Frances Seton talked to the group about history and growing up in Australia, the challenges of studying and growing within diverse communities in Australia while Mr Gary Seaton also talked to the group about serving the community and what students can do to give back to the community.


The aim of the sessions was to introduce graduate, overseas students to the regional community, indigenous culture and life and the Australian workplace and lifestyle, as well as information on how to give back to the community which provides for them. A professional accountant who has his own business spoke to the group of graduate students about work, internship and workplace culture while other young adults present had an informal opportunity to interact with the students and give them an insight about the regional community and lifestyle. After the insightful talks, the students got an opportunity to ask questions and talk to the aboriginals and the professionals. It was a wonderful day where children, graduate students, young adults and Elders had a fulfilling day and everyone who served and was served, thoroughly enjoyed it!

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