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The youth of Murwillumbah invited indigenous elders and families in the areas surrounding the Heart of Centre Ashram for a Christmas lunch and family fun day on December 2, 2018. A lovely meal was provided. The children enjoyed running around the Ashram land playing games and sports, whilst the youth enjoyed the company of the elders, listening to their stories from their younger days which are inspiring and touching to the heart. This service continues every month as a gratitude to the indigenous people who are the traditional owners of the land!


Every Thursday, families around Murwillumbah and neighbouring suburbs are provided with free Food Hampers. These hampers include fruits, vegetables, dry food rations, non-perishables and so on. The team have partnered with Agape Outreach Inc. and OzHarvest Gold Coast, who provide and deliver the food free of charge to the Heart of Love Centre. During the week, the team identifies the families who are in need of the hampers. On Thursday evenings, the youth gather to pack the hampers with all the required items and deliver to the doors of the families. The hampers are received with much gratitude. More and more families are contacting them for these hampers as the word spreads around the community! Please visit and to learn more about their partners.

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